Sunday, January 17, 2010

17 days down, 348 to go!

Wowza! I can't believe I've not drank anything for 19 days (2 days before New Years). Unbelievable!

Do you think that O'Doul's counts as alcohol? I like hanging out with friends and all but EVERYONE drinks, so if I'm not looking for alcohol but I am looking to 'play along' and still be DD, do you think this is an okay alternative?

We still have $700 in our Emergency Fund and guess what... We'll be paying the car insurance in full for the first time EVER! Woo hoo!

We actually looked at a house today but then we got into a deep discussion on where we'll be in 3 years, and we have decided that we don't know so we might not want to buy a house right now. So, basically we'll be living with good ol' Mom until then (but we've got a good situation right now, so there's absolutely no complaining!)

On a side note: Does anyone want to buy a car? I'm selling a 2008 Saturn Astra, 28k miles, 5-speed manual transmission, heated seats, double sun roof. 35 highway - it's awesome!

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