Sunday, January 17, 2010

17 days down, 348 to go!

Wowza! I can't believe I've not drank anything for 19 days (2 days before New Years). Unbelievable!

Do you think that O'Doul's counts as alcohol? I like hanging out with friends and all but EVERYONE drinks, so if I'm not looking for alcohol but I am looking to 'play along' and still be DD, do you think this is an okay alternative?

We still have $700 in our Emergency Fund and guess what... We'll be paying the car insurance in full for the first time EVER! Woo hoo!

We actually looked at a house today but then we got into a deep discussion on where we'll be in 3 years, and we have decided that we don't know so we might not want to buy a house right now. So, basically we'll be living with good ol' Mom until then (but we've got a good situation right now, so there's absolutely no complaining!)

On a side note: Does anyone want to buy a car? I'm selling a 2008 Saturn Astra, 28k miles, 5-speed manual transmission, heated seats, double sun roof. 35 highway - it's awesome!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13 days down, 352 to go.

Headed to see the psychologist tomorrow, though I'm not too excited about it. Every time I have talked on the phone to their receptionists, they've been complete idiots. I really hope the psychologist doesn't follow down the same path! I am wasting my money if she is!

Feeling a bit stressed from all of the classes I'm taking, but if I really put it into perspective I am taking one class the entire semester, and then 3 shortened classes all at different times. Kind of nerve wrecking, but I have to do it so I'll survive in the end!

16 days without alcohol, if I've counted correctly. And boy oh boy am I regretting that one! I keep getting the, "Really? Did you take into account you're a first year teacher and starting your MA?" And all I can do is shake my head and say, disappointingly, "Nope, definitely forgot about that." And then the token, "God that sucks."

Derek and I work hard everyday and in the end we are having a good ol' time finding time to spend together. We are seriously considering making a date night like our good friends Mike and Christina do (shout out to both of them!) and they are very committed to it, which I highly respect because it's pretty damn hard to find time when two people are so busy! We've really got to hunker down and get with the being used to being married thing sooner rather than later. It's almost like we're still living two single lives and sleeping in the same bed. I'm ready for him to finish college already and we both be on the same page with this funky thing we call life.

We are trying to find new venues to make some more income so we can pay into the emergency fund a little sooner and start paying off the car a little faster. I am already making bi-weekly payments on it. More on that to come.

And I have been kind of (but not too much) worried about the pay cuts in our district. I have a feeling that I may get cut, but for the first time I really think I'm prepared if it does happen. I have enough extra income coming in on the side that we'll have enough money to make it work until I can find something more permanent.

Anyone have any suggestions on what they do to make a few bucks on the side? Anyone interested in painting houses on the side this summer for some extra cash flow? :) And you think I'm kidding....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

9 days down, 356 to go!

Okay, as a quick update I am:

Currently sitting in my first MA class. I have the rest of today and then 4 more days to go and my first class is finished. By the end of June I will have 5 classes done (2 of them are ones they are allowing me to transfer in).

11 days alcohol free! Yay!

Setting up my auto insurance to be withdrawn in full for 6 months when we go on lunch break - perfect!

We now have $700.41 in our Emergency Fund. I figure that we'll have met our goal of $3,000 by the end of April, but I'll be sure to let you know when that time comes! I've also decided I'm going to set up targeted emergency funds for our car maintenance and our cats, just in case we have an issue with either one. Each TEF (targeted ER Fund) will be $500.00 - I might also contribute more to our account for medical bills, which we don't have a lot of and I'm already saving $50.00 a month, but we might have a few things coming up that we should have a TEF for anyways. So, basically I'm just stock piling money for a while!

That's my update - I'll be sure to let you know as more things come up!

Friday, January 1, 2010

As I set out on this crazy journey...

I just want to say that I'm scared! I am totally and unmercifully scared of this, and that I will fail.

I first was thinking that this was going to be easy - that I'm not doing all that much that is going to be THAT hard. In fact, most of it I think I will tackle quite easily. However, there are some things that are really scary - like the no alcohol thing. Now, there are a few reasons for this:

1.) I drink when I'm with my friends.
2.) I drink when I'm with my friends.
3.) I drink when I'm with my friends.

So, we're going to have to find some other fun things to do! I want to make sure during this year that I am not depending on this alcohol to have a good time. In other words, I should be able to have a good time whether I'm drinking or not; and right now I'm not sure I can say I do either way.

Why do I think this? It was totally the college scene, and now that there's no more college, there's no more reason to get drunk at crazy hours and in the morning and after the last mid-term and during dinner and while watching the latest Grey's. AKA there isn't a reason to drink at all anymore, at least from what I've experienced from my life after college.

The other reason is that I just discovered there is a history of alcoholism in my family. Ummm... that should be reason not to drink in the first place (in the wise words of my Mother). So, I'm done. After this year, alcohol will not play a part in my fun level ever again!

Saludos vino y alcohol y cerveza  - no los necesitare nada mas.