Friday, March 5, 2010

61 days down, 301 to go!

Wow, I've really let this blog down, huh (right Sarah?!)

Well, it's officially been 2 months, and let's see where I'm at:

I have:

Created an Emergency Fund of $3,000.00 with my tax returns.

Our marriage is improving every single day. We're not two singles living together, we're finally a couple. A married couple! It's like a full-time job - why didn't anyone tell me this before!?! I love him to death - and that's what counts!

I paid our car insurance in full for 6 months, next payment: August. Next payment for the 'Bu - March 14th (I think - right Madre?)

I am on my second class of my MA program. As of July 30th (if all goes as planned) I'll have 6 classes finished and will finish my last 2 next spring. I got a 4.0 in my first class (go me!)

I will finish my extra endorsement for the K-12 Spanish in June.

We will vacation to Boston this summer, and that just might be it. We also might go on a cruise over Christmas. But, we are planning to go to Europe for 4 - 6 weeks next summer and it is going to be AWESOME! So, that will make up for it... Totally, totally make up for it! Carpe diem, right?

And last but not least, the only thing that I didn't do for a year: I gave up on my sobreity. :( Sorry Mom. We only drink when we go out, and I made it entire month without drinking, which is an accomplishment in itself! I haven't drank in 2 weeks because we haven't gone out, so I feel okay with this deal and am okay that I "failed". Although I'm not making excuses, I think I learned a lot about the experience though, and feel that drinking when we're out and not having alcohol in the house is a great, great thing - especially when we have kids!

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  1. Great job! Sounds like you're doing awesome!