Sunday, March 14, 2010

Emergency Fund Comes to the Rescue!

Whew boy, was today a close call.

While playing with our new addition, Jacob, he ingested a catnip toy, mesh with the catnip inside (kicking self in ass).

So, it's a foreign object, and cats have super sensitive stomachs. Their intestines can not handle something that big, either. I'm still in shock that he ate it free and clear. Really, Jake? Really?

Bigger deal than I thought. Like, call Emergency Vet Clinic and they tell me to bring him in right away because it could cause a blockage in his intestine if it passes through his stomach. Oh shit.

Within 25 minutes of the ingestion, we are at the clinic and they are wanting to take X-Rays ($$), give vomit-inducing meds ($$) and see doctor ($$). Well, after X-Rays we can see what appears to be something at the end of the stomach, beginning of the intestine. Oh shit times three. If we can't get him to vomit it up, he has to have surgery to have it removed (BIG $$$$$).

So, he won't vomit. Not at all. Salivating, yes. Vomiting, no. So they give him some sort of dye ($$) to show if he passed it for tomorrow at the vet so we can see where they need to cut him open :( (Again, BIG $$$$$).

We get home, he's totally acting fine. I'm freaking out. But the point is that I'm not freaking out because we have to pay for surgery, I'm freaking out for his LIFE. It was nice that I didn't have to worry about money. Really nice. Thank GOD for our Emergency Fund. Instead of being in credit card debt for saving our cat's life and paying on it every month for a couple months, we just dipped into our EF and will pay it back up over the next few paychecks.

So, what happened to our Jakey Poo? Well, one minute he was lying under the covers, the next second he was puking his guts out all over our carpet. And guess what, it came out! Given, he's still not out of the woods because we think his esophagus might have been scraped, so we're taking him to the vet tomorrow if he pukes again (He's only vomited twice, so we'll see), but still, no debt from this little mishap. Only shame on Mommy for having a toy that small.

He just came out from under the bed so I'm going to spend some quality time with him :)

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  1. Wow, how scary!! I'm glad he's okay though and I can't wait to meet him!